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Dali the Last Supper Custom Framed & Mated Finest Quality – Etsy Cole sits in his chair contemplating his gun and lamenting that he could not shoot Diane. Albert tells him that he’s getting soft in his old age to which Cole replies “not where it counts buddy.” Tammy smirks and they toast the FBI. Cole then says “now listen. For twenty-five years I’ve kept something from you Albert. Before he disappeared Major Briggs shared with me and Cooper his discovery of an entity, an extreme negative force called in olden times Jowday. Over time it became Judy. Major Briggs Cooper and I put together a plan that could lead us to Judy and then something happened to Major Briggs and something happened to Cooper. Phillip Jeffries, who doesn’t really exist anymore, at least not in a normal sense, told me a long time ago he was on to this entity and he disappeared. Now the last thing Cooper told me was ‘if I disappear like the others do everything you can to find me. I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone.’”-   Season 3, episode 17, 2:00-4:00.   Cole continues, saying that the informant Ray Monroe said the Doppelgänger was searching for coordinates.   Cole gets a call from Vegas telling him they have found Dougie Jones at the hospital but he’s not there. Bushnell Mullins then barges in on the hapless Las Vegas FBI Agents, whom Albert is likening to the Marx Brothers, and commandeers their phone. He reads Gordon Cole a letter telling him “Dougie wanted me to read you this. ‘I am headed for Sheriff Truman’s; it is 2:53 in Las Vegas and that adds up to ten, the number of completion.’” – Season 3, episode 17, 6:00.   Tammy and Albert start going through their files on Dougie Jones and it dawns on them that Dougie is Cooper. Cole tells them he knows where Cooper is headed and they leave immediately. At the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department James and Freddie wonder what the now fussing Naido is as the drooling Zombie continues to repeat everything said in the other cells. Electricity crackles and pops through overhead power lines and the Doppelgänger drives down a dark forest road. It’s daylight when he reaches the coordinates in what looks to be terrain very similar to Blue Pine Mountain. There is a burning puddle of lava at the foot of a sapling Sycamore. A portal opens up in the overhead tree tops and the Doppelgänger is sucked through it. The view now shows his facial image in a cubical cage in the great room of the Matron and the Giant. It is suspended on the left of the giant screen, to the right floats the oval image of Major Briggs face.  The Giant changes the picture from the Palmer home to the road in front of the sheriff’s station and the Doppelgänger, cage and all, is sucked through the golden Glocke on the ceiling and deposited into the screen in the same manner as the golden sphere […]
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Cooper’s doppelganger sits in the Black Lodge, surrounded by flames. MIKEcreates a new Dougie Jones, who shows up at the Jones home, greeted by Janey-E and Sonny Jim. Cooper leads Laura through the woods and she disappears. Cooper hears her screams. Cooper sits in the Lodge near MIKE, who asks, “Is it future or is it past?” Cooper observes the chair Laura sat in and he follows MIKE to the evolution of the arm, which asks if it is the “story about the little girl who lives down the lane.” Laura whispers in Cooper’s ear and she is lifted, screaming, through the Lodge ceiling. Cooper goes to Leland, who tells him to find Laura. He goes through billowing curtains to Glastonbury Grove, where Diane waits and asks if it is really him, which he asks the same of her. Cooper and Diane drive 430 miles, Diane advising Cooper that their destination will not be what he expects. Upon arrival, he gets out of the car and observes his surroundings. He returns to Diane, confirming that it is the right place. They kiss before driving through through a portal, which transports them to a dark road. They reach a motel and Cooper goes inside. While sitting in the car, Diane sees herself briefly before Cooper returns. They enter a motel room and have sex. In the morning, Cooper wakes alone and looks for Diane, finding a note for “Richard,” signed by “Linda,” telling him that she was gone and not to find her. He leaves the motel, noticing that it and his car are different from those that were there before. Cooper reaches Odessa, finding a coffee shop called Eat at Judy’s. He goes inside and asks the waitress serving him if there was another one who worked there, but he is told that it is the other waitress’s day off. He spots a group of men harassing the waitress and advises them to stop. They threaten him and he incapacitates two of them from his seat and has the other stand down. He has the waitress give him the other waitress’s address as he places the guns belonging to the men in the deep fryer, warning the staff that the heat could set off the guns. He leaves with the address. He goes to the waitress’s home, spotting a utility pole outside with a number “6” attached to it. He knocks on the door and the waitress resembling Laura opens it, confused about his calling her Laura. She tells him her name is Carrie Page, but he insists that she is Laura, and offers to take her home in Twin Peaks. Having already been needing to leave town, she agrees to go with him. As she gets ready to leave, Cooper goes inside, seeing a dead man on the couch and a white figurine of a horse. They drive, Carrie reminiscing about Odessa and stopping at a gas station on the way. At one point they notice a car’s headlights behind them and wonder if they are being followed, only for it to harmlessly pass them. They reach Twin Peaks, but […]
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Cooper alights on a terrace overlooking a purple sea in a world bathed in violet purple light. He goes inside and meets Naido; a mute girl who has no eyes, nor eye appendages. He sees an electrical box with the number 15 on it but she steers him away from it. As the loud banging noise of something trying to get in the room is heard they climb a ladder up through the ceiling and when they go outside they are standing on a room sized cube floating in space. What is clearly “Die Glocke” or the “Nazi Bell” is also on top of the cube. The dents from its 1965 crash landing in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania are clearly visible. The swastika has been replaced by 2 gauges that at a distance could be mistaken for the traditional swastika of artist’s renditions. The banging inside continues and the girl with no eyes throws a lever on die Glocke. She is jolted with electricity and hurled off into space. Cooper remains atop the cube and the giant transparent head of Major Briggs drifts by in space saying “Blue Rose.”   Cooper goes back down the ladder. The light and the room are now normal colored. There is a girl seated on a couch, she appears to be the same girl who flew off in space but now she has eyes. She is Asian. As her watch goes to 2:53 the electrical box numbered 15 starts to hum giving off an electrical field that turns the light on next to it. Cooper walks toward the box and stops when electric explodes around him. She gets up and tells him “when you get there you will already be there.” Cooper tries to go toward the box again but is again stopped by the violence of the electrical discharge. She tells him “you better hurry. My mother is coming.” The banging outside begins again and Cooper finally goes through the oversized electrical outlet on the box, sucked in by the vortex he leaves only his shoes behind.  – Season 3, episode 3. 13:00 – 17:00.  Below in the desert as evil Cooper’s car clock moves towards 2:53 he experiences great distress and fights to keep control of the car that’s cigarette lighter is now producing a similar electrical field to the one that sucked Cooper in. He loses control and crashes. Gagging, he holds his hands tightly over his mouth as he watches the cigarette lighter. The red drapes faintly appear in front of his car but they vanish when an image of Dougie Jones, the other Cooper doppelganger, faintly materializes sitting in the chair in the Red Room. He then vomits up what appears to be Garmonbozia mixed with a vile black substance and passes out. When the police arrive at the accident scene they are overpowered by the smell and call for backup with gas masks. In a house for sale in Las Vegas Dougie Jones lounges with a prostitute named Jade who […]
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The Return opens with a conversation between the now twenty-five-year older Cooper and a tall gaunt man very similar to the “Giant” from the Red Room. They are in a room that appears to be furnished from the early twentieth century and the scene is filmed in black and white. In the distorted vocals requiring subtitles that are characteristic of the disincarnate beings of Twin Peaks the Giant says, “Agent Cooper listen…to the sounds.” They both look at an old gramophone emitting a clicking noise then back at each other and the Giant continues; “It is in…our house now.”  Cooper looks at him, saying in clear English “it is.” The Giant answers “it cannot…be said aloud now. Remember 430, Richard…and Linda, two birds…with one stone.” Cooper nods and resolutely says “I understand…” – Season 3, episode 1. (5:00 – 6:00). Two crates of shovels are delivered to Dr. Jacoby who now lives rough in a trailer in the woods. The camera pans over nighttime Manhattan settling on a red brick building with few windows. In an upper story there is a portal big enough for a man to fit through overlooking the street far below. Inside the building the portal leads into a small glass room about the size of a closet watched intently by a diminutive rodent of a college student named Sam Colby. The glass room is surrounded by cameras and is on a pedestal with an elaborate wiring system underneath. It is in a much larger concrete room with empty boxes in the corner and no furniture. There are no other windows but the portal. Sam sits on the lone love seat on a raised platform. A buzzer sounds. Sam goes outside through the only door and meets a very attractive young woman named Tracy. She has two take out coffees and wants to come inside to drink them with Sam. He tells her she can’t and that what is inside is “top secret.” The sullen looking gorilla of a guard whose desk is in front of the door affirms Tracy is not allowed in the room. She tells Sam she will bring him more coffee tomorrow. The Horne brothers and Lucy Moron are reintroduced. Ben runs the hotel and Gerry is growing hydroponic marijuana and selling it legally tripling their profits. Lucy is still a moron but now she is married to Deputy Andy, another moron.    Somewhere in a secluded area shrouded in darkness a Mercedes pulls up to a cabin. Coopers evil doppelganger who wears his hair long gets out and casually dispatches of the shotgun wielding man guarding the door who tries to stop him. He goes inside and picks up two accomplices; a man named Ray, and a woman named Darya which he will soon murder. When Tracy comes back the next night the guard is nowhere to be found. Sam even checks the bathroom for him. Tracy insists on coming in and Sam wonders aloud how she is going to get […]
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On March 16 Putin gave a thirty-seven-minute speech explaining to the world why Russia had no other choice than to invade Ukraine. Putin a dignified and thoughtful man, perhaps even a great man, spoke eloquently, enumerating point by point with documentable facts the eight years of western provocation and Ukrainian fanaticism that led to Russia’s invasion on February 24. His words were clear and concise, the military intelligence expert on the Russian language that helped with the translation below remarked, “Putin makes it so easy to translate and transcribe. His pronunciation is absolutely clean and clear.”  When a friend tagged me on Facebook with a post saying his wife didn’t believe there were Ukrainian Nazis, I replied by simply posting this picture as a comment. Facebook immediately suspended me for six days, for which I am appealing at a supposedly independent arbitrator. According to Putin fourteen thousand civilians including children have been murdered by American backed Ukrainian neo-Nazis since the western engineered overthrow of the rightful Ukrainian government in 2014. I know for a fact because I have Ukrainian Jews in my family that many of those murdered were Jews. These are not the National Socialists of Godfried Feder, Otto Rahn and Adolf Hitler, championing a system of economics based on Autarky and antithetical to globalism. These are neo-Nazi’s more like the brown shirted fanatics of Ernst Rohm. They are hardened street fighters who blame Jews for the sins of the Soviet Union and the horror inflicted on the Ukraine during the twentieth century.     Putin cited the network of dozens of biolabs, under the direct control of the pentagon, that pockmarked the Ukrainian landscape. Not only did the principal architect of the 2014 Ukrainian coup, Victoria (Noodles) Nuland recently admit in public to the flabbergasted Senator, Marc Rubio, that the labs existed but they have been well documented. (1) It’s been an open secret in military intelligence publications for over five years that in complete disregard of the Geneva convention the pentagon has been ringing the Russian border with biological weapon producing facilities, starting in Georgia and working their way into the Ukraine after the 2014 coup. (2) (3) (4) As if all this is not enough Ukraine was actively seeking to gain admittance into NATO. It was only a matter of time until they gained it and just like Poland Ukraine would be bristling with missiles targeting Russian cities courtesy of NATO, which has become anything but a defensive organization. Contrasting this is the disciplined strategy of the Russian Armed Forces which has avoided using its overwhelming air superiority to bomb Kiev and the rest of the Ukrainian cities back into the Stone age, a favored tactic of NATO. The Russians as promised by Putin seem be doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties, opting for a policy of encirclement and blockade rather than pummeling the Ukrainian Army in bloody all-out assaults which are sure to maximize collateral damage to civilians. This has been seized upon by the western media, which […]
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